Front Row Late : Money and Culture BBC2

Episode 1 of 6

January 2020

Mary Beard and her panel discuss the links between culture, money and power.

With the rise in protests against corporate sponsorship of culture in recent months, Mary and her guests ask if it matters which companies foot the bill for major cultural institutions and events, and if sponsorship by companies some people regard as unethical is a price worth paying to ensure culture remains affordable and accessible.

Mary also asks whether we ought to expect to pay a high price for the best culture, and what culture can be enjoyed without forking out any cash at all.

Mary also meets Mark Carney, the outgoing governor of the Bank of England, who shows her some of the Bank’s art collection, and discusses whether money is as much about culture as economics.


track : Castles and Cathedrals

composer : Fabrice Ravel-Chapuis