Heartwarming Orchestra

Collective Album

Delicate and melodious orchestral pieces for a wondrous journey.

45″ previews :  full length and alternative tracks only available at Universal Music KTV and sub-publishers

Composer : Fabrice Ravel-Chapuis
© KTV / Universal Production Music – KTV051

Majestic Mountains : Silky, panoramic and gently flowing string orchestra with pizzicato and French horn. A slow aerial shot over the mountains. Lunar Eclipse : Noble and elegant. String orchestra and clarinet. A Royal art exhibition. Other-Wordly Landscape : Elegant, repetitive and lush orchestral crossover with string orchestra, bass tom, clarinet and Fender Rhodes. An emotional and minimal soundtrack. Wheatfield : Modern, emotional and sparse with a minimal and echoing feel. Piano, pizzicato, string section and Wurlitzer. A bright encounter. This is Us : Modern, emotional and positive. Piano, double bass, string section, pizzicato and Fender Rhodes. Story of a family. Oak Trees : Sparse, serene and delicate. Piano, pizzicato and strings @00:55. Soundtrack for a light emotional family drama.  Seaside Balcony : Modern, quiet and beautiful contemporary jazz and classical crossover. Piano, double bass, and string section. Serene late afternoon light. Distant Dream : Solemn, wistful and emotional with a hint of hope from 01:38. Piano and string section. A light a the end of the tunnel. Peaceful Place : Soothing and peaceful. Piano, string section, clarinet, flugelhorn and orchestral harp. Home sweet home.