Minimalist Orchestra

Minimalist Orchestra

Collective Album

Timeless and elegant orchestral pieces. For past, present and future tales.

30″ previews :  full length and alternative tracks only available at Universal Music and sub-publishers

Composer : Fabrice Ravel-Chapuis
© KTV / Universal Production Music – KTV050

Bamboo Seeds : Bright and positive. Woodwind section, pizzicato, string section and piano. A clever and pleasant person – Golden Temple : Quiet and soothing. Clarinet theme, piano, Fender Rhodes, pizzicato and string section. An emotional and beautiful place – Antechamber : Slow, gentle and getting more and more positive. Bassoon, clarinet, pizzicato, piano and string section. Artist delicate thoughts – Urgent Pizzicati : Determined and elegant. Pizzicato played like an electric guitar, with string section, upright bass and a more nostalgic piano. Going forward.