Wake Me Up

Director : Reem Sameer Al-Bayyat
2016, 24’
– Best Director of a Short Foreign Language Film award at the Milan Film Festival (MFF) for “Wake Me Up”
– Best Director in the Short Foreign Language Film category at the Madrid Film Festival for “Wake Me Up”

Starring Ibrahim Al-Hasawi, Samar Al Bayyat, and Ahd Kamel, “Wake Me Up” is the story of Salam, a single woman in her early 40s whose sons and daughters live far away from her. Salam is lonely and comes across as bitter against the world. However, amid her mid-life crisis, Salam finds herself rekindling her passion for dance, only to then be faced with society’s judgments and a sense of guilt.

track : Et Apres

album : En Danger

composer : Fabrice Ravel-Chapuis
publishing : Pas la Peine / Volvox
placement : Audiosparx.com

playlist : So Sad