Deadly Rich – CNBC

CNBC 30/07/18 EPISODE #104
THE BOY TOY KILLER : When a wealthy Texas bon vivant is found dead in ravine in Mexico, all eyes turn to his young, pampered boyfriend, a porn actor and escort who’s living two very separate lives. As investigators uncover the truth behind their relationship, border crossing records are key to catching a killer.  KURTIS PRODUCTIONS

CNBC 13/11/18 EPISODE #109
ROCKY MOUNTAIN DIE  : A wave of horror strikes the wealthy enclave of Aspen, Colorado when heiress Nancy Pfister is found brutally murdered in her mountain home. As police work to untangle a twisted web of suspects, a stunning confession puts a sudden end to the investigation. But with millions on the line, does the confession tell the whole story? Don’t miss an all new episode of “American Greed: Deadly Rich” KURTIS PRODUCTIONS

CNBC 20/11/18 EPISODE #110
A Crash or a Kill Mystery : Wealthy retired executive Ken Abbott and his wife, Celeste, are said to have died in a fiery car crash in New Jersey. But when the family can’t get answers to simple questions about their deaths, police discover a gruesome crime motivated by greed. Catch an all new episode of “American Greed: Deadly Rich” KURTIS PRODUCTIONS

Track : Et apres

Composer : Fabrice RAVEL-CHAPUIS