Mysteries at the Museum

Mysteries at the Museum, Travel Channel

  • Titanic Violin, Wicked Fungus and the Greatest Bar Bet (Se12 Ep#24)
  • Blowing Up the House, the Beast of Bray Road and the Invention of Penicillin (Se12 Ep#16)
  • Great Snake Hunt, Minneapolis Svengali and Swimming With Sharks (Se12 Ep#20)
  • The First Super Computer, Flying Under Fire and Dighton Rock (Se14 Ep#3)
  • King Neptune, Friday Night Bank Robber and Karluk’s Last Voyage (Se14 Ep#4)
  • Jap Herron, Hidden Rockwell and Ticket to Fly (Se14 Ep#5)
  • Fake Breaking News, Rescue Napoleon and Ernest Bravery (#1309)
  • Operation Mincemeat, Texas Prison Rodeo and Tully Monster (#1306)
  • Zip-Lining to Freedom, Maid Turned Spy and Jimmy Carter’s UFO (#1406)
  • Demon Potato, Boozy Ballot and Ouija Believe It (#1408)
  • Beethoven’s Mysterious Malady, The Great Raid And Planet X (#1610)
  • Miss Unsinkable, Crop Circles and Detective Goodwin (#1603)
  • Dishwasher, Golden Lake and Bridge Buster
  • Shark Chaser, Haunted Harmony and 1,700-Foot Wave (#1508)
  • Dippy the Dinosaur, Golden Record and Hooverball (#1803)
  • Italian Sherlock Holmes, King of the Airwaves and Texan Takes Moscow (#1906)
  • Jack The Ripper, Wooden Money and Deadly Decor (#2005)
  • Great Panjandrum, Jesse James to the Rescue and Willig’s Wager (#1905)
  • Titanic Baker, Psychic Scammer, Cuban Swimmer Crisis (#2107)
  • Lunar Fender Bender, Opera Angels and Billiard Balls (#2001)
  • Presidential Cheese, Spying Space Shuttle and Liberty in the Lake (#2004)

tracks : Real Hope, Opinion, Concerned, Confident Strings, Vrai, Significant (Album Modern String Ensemble)

composer : Fabrice Ravel-Chapuis

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