The Victorian Slum – BBC2

The Victorian Slum
Episode #1 The 1860s
Episode #2 The 1870s
Episode #3 The 1880s
Episode #4 The 1890s
Episode #5 The 1900s

In the heart of the modern East End of London, a Victorian slum has been recreated and a group of 21st-century people are moving in. Michael Mosley joins them to tell the extraordinary story of how the Victorian East End changed our attitude to poverty forever.

tracks : Concerned, Having Doubts, Confident Strings, Inspirational Moment, Feeling Nostalgic, Refinement, Modern String Ensemble, Opinion, Preoccupied Mind, Serious Moment. (tracks from “Modern String Ensemble“) + Green Tree (from “Cycle of life“)

composer : Fabrice Ravel-Chapuis

Presenter: Michael Mosley, Expert: Vivienne Richmond, Executive Producer: Cate Hall, Series Producer: Mark Ball, Director Emma Frank, Producer: Leah Caffrey, Production Company: Wall to Wall Media.

Playlist H I S T O R Y